Incentives, Congresses and Groups

A lot of companies and enterprises choose our incentive travels.


Companies and enterprises, which choose incentive travels in order to reward clients or to motivate and strengthen the relationships among employees, want to make sure that all the participants receive their messages.

ITALYCHARME organizes events in unique venues throughout Italy and takes care of every single detail to ensure a perfect holiday.

We believe that planning an incentive travel means to create something unforgettable: clients will remember their experiences forever.

Pack your incentive trip with great activities: a gala dinner in a old palace or a medieval castle, Ferrari or vintage car drives, hot air balloon flights, quad bike exursions, cooking classes, private fashion shows, concerts and dynamic team building activities. Everything will unleash your participants’ creativity, feelings and sense of purpose.

Our team will work with you to develop an incentive program, which will become a truly memorable experience.

We offer:

• Team building activities

• City tours

• Cultural and food trips

• Driving experiences

• Sports and outdoor activities

• Gala dinners

• Event Management

We will always be available to collaborate with you in order to make everything possible.